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The Red Star Street Network Video Contest – Sohu entertainment star desire in order to let more people achieve their dreams, but also to hatch more movie stars, film Street held the first national university network Red Star Contest, through the competition of future star mining. Eligibility: 1. At least 18 years of age 2 have good moral cultivation of college students at the age of 3 or 25 under the age of 4 through the following broadcast platform account preferred Betta live, panda TV live, tiger live, YY live, banner TV live, live pearl, pepper live, reflecting off live, universal TV live KK, live, live situation, octopus TV live, NetEase CC live, the stars live broadcast, meow, meme live,, poly fan live, crazy live, live two. Beauty reward: 1 selected regular professional training will show the involvement of < in the end of 10; actor hatch course 32 hours > strength; lecture three, network movie teacher performance professional senior university 2.11 -12 months starring capital < I am not a bad girl > popular movie < naked loan storm > a sequel, will go to Australia or Canada shooting time > < hotel; five star hotel theme, tentatively Dalian party Castle – Deluxe Hotel < III. take you & gt; through the seventy years of the Republic of China, and modern III. The plot, filmed in Hengdian more than three movies in the Iqiyi Tencent, video, music, Youku and other network platform released 3 Baidu encyclopedia network 40 network drama Costume "the legend of martial arts" full range of promotional packaging 4 become street signing artists have the opportunity to participate in the film by the end of 2016 to start performance: signing points in two ways, one is ready to surrender without severance, another for years to limit the need for severance, free Choose one way sign more than 5 all options are free, don’t pay a penny three. The selection process and time: 1 online registration: September 1, 2016 -2016 year in September 30th from the online registration of candidates selected 100 2 online voting: October 5, 2016 -2016 year in October 15th the top 20 Internet voting votes from the 80 + film street in 5 the voting results will be born 25 3 live interview: October 17, 2016 -2016 October 18th (Dalian) selected 15 interview results will be born 15 4 contract awards from 25 in October 21, 2016 (Dalian) four. Three movies: 1 network movie < > time; hotel; Director: Wu Xiaoming location Dalian: Shenyang synopsis: beauty Curve Wrecker Yao Yubi Industry in H City, the focus of information相关的主题文章: