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The Sino Russian border patrol boats lined up scenes comparable to large Sohu charge Military Channel for patrol brigade to return voyage. Sun Peng photo pictured the Sino Russian joint water and land patrol duty. In mid October, the Inner Mongolia military region patrol brigade of the successful completion of the Sino Russian border patrol duty tasks smoothly Mingshui period, the building — the "migratory birds" homing "sailor" return every year the spring of May, the Sino Russian border in Eergu’Na for nearly a thousand kilometers of boats on duty and transport support tasks like sailors, "migratory birds" like "fly" along the river, water water security task execution. The leaves in October, the temperature dropped to zero degrees Celsius, went to the "migratory birds" return "homing": a patrol boat to catch the frozen river before the withdrawal of terminal maintenance, recharge, stay again next year to. It is reported that this year Hulun Buir area less rainfall, river water level reached the lowest point in history, almost can not guarantee the normal navigation patrol boat. The brigade party, ahead of the deployment point refinement process, take the road haulage, local water centralized way, to overcome the difficulties such as complicated boundary water situation, the successful completion of the task of transporting 25 boats hauling and lifting, more than 80 soldiers, ensure the watercraft equipment and personnel to build smoothly. For months, boat group distributed in the river bank are stationed in the virgin forest, while on duty, but life "isolated" sailors by hand built "wood" house, a few acres of vegetable in the forest, live music, "acid with bitter sweet". The time change, still in a river, sailors and crop stubble, but all the boat group as home. Every time a boat before, we always insist on with the boat patrol, which allows the captain committed to develop "on schedule": "glory for the boat group, everyone as a force." The sailors on the boat on a mission: security patrol border officers on the river, private fishing and smuggling arrest criminals, maintenance and border facilities. However, the sailors let pride or "joint patrol duty" — two boats were assigned to border officers staged patrol, and in the process of setting up joint duty criminals smuggling ", border officers riding on shore sailors on the boat chase, intercept on the river…… "Joint land and water exercises" scene is really wonderful than the film. The story does not end the sailors. This point, in order to ensure the safe watercraft owned building, as the water ran aground, as captain Liu Changwang nearly 20 years ahead of a day of driving a canoe, took the shoal water divining rod exploration, marking, in cold weather busy ten hours, to open up a perfect channel boat". In October 17th, which lasted 15 days, travel more than 4 thousand kilometers, the successful completion of all brigade boats, boat group staff gathered to build task. On that day, the brigade dock again love sailor team song: "loyal" sailors, in the night guard patrols, rain eyes, motor joy……" This is the song belongs to a new generation of "migrant sailors"! Salute, day and night with alert eyes on the northern border, defend the motherland water with loyalty!相关的主题文章: