The spectators dispersed dust floor king Nana will roll back – Sohu comments

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The spectators dispersed dust floor king Nana will roll back – Sohu comments Guangming commentator: spectators dispersed, the dust settles. In September this year, the attention of the whole nation "was an imposter University event protagonist Wang Nana, went to Luoyang local university adult education consultation, the school told her to apply for admission to the first year student resume. September 14th, Wang Nana to the Zhoukou vocational and technical school students sent a copy of the application for the resumption of school, four days after the mail to reject each other as an excuse to return. She had to turn to the Education Department of Henan province petition office to reflect the situation, she agreed to help each other forward. In October 18th, Zhoukou occupation technical school issued by the reply said, "to restore you." From the mail to reject the polite reply, the attitude is about it. According to the logic: "in 2003 within the stipulated time, Wang Nana has been holding the admission notice to report the admission notice, the mission has been completed…… You go to school is an imposter in reveal to the public deal with the responsible person, the relevant departments have been…… You can not find the legal basis for the restoration of your qualifications, laws and policies, the right to resume your school." This logical chain looks perfect. But look carefully, seemed to mix a domineering: first, "the admission notice" has become the infringer props to make legitimate candidates had to reverse the fate, this is exactly how complete the "mission"? Second, the school was an imposter did reveal to the public, the responsible person also is being processed, but the relationship between accountability and compensation is not the fish and bear paw. It can not be said that the bad guys to justice, the victim’s claims can be ignored. Third, according to the conclusions of the earlier joint investigation group of Zhoukou City, "school, Zhoukou Vocational and Technical College did not review" of Zhang Yingying admission, and then dealt with the Zhou Wenyi three Zhoukou Vocational and Technical College leadership and staff. So, the school in Wang Nana school on the rights and interests of dereliction of duty and default is the fact That’s final. When the demands of the parties in the recovery status, is not the first time to actively contact the Higher Education Department of discussion, but a yizhengciyan refused, in the circumstances, it seems puzzling. The law proverb said: justice must not only achieve, but also to be implemented in the visible way. Although Wang Nana events in the world The case is entirely cleared. justice, but always seems to be in the muddy path. About half a year, it has entered the judicial process, "the next plan, as of late October, Chuanhui District Court of Zhoukou city to" make the investigation "on the grounds that the court has not yet. While running back and forth countless times, in addition to unseat the malefactors, man does not seem to find the perfect "good" – in the rule of the balance without compensation, no apology, all with cold and objective form, expressing strong defense preparations and cost procedural justice on high. The problem is that not every citizen is Quixote, "if not" good "evil", a "Wang Nana", so regardless of the cost, but also for the abstract justice died of head broken and bleeding like? Some people say that even if Wang Nana into the Zhoukou Vocational and Technical College, it is impossible to collect?相关的主题文章: