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Interpretation: the Trump administration’s space policy according to the U.S. News website [space] reported on November 9, 2016 president elect Donald · Trump government’s space policy will focus more on manned spaceflight, technology development and commercialization, and earth science research. In the weeks before the election, Trump’s space policy adviser, ·, and Mr Walker, came up with a more serious approach to the idea of space policy. At the October 26th meeting of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Advisory Committee on commercial space transportation (COMSTAC), Walker said: "I think the campaign team is aware of the need for a space policy." Walker said that according to the requirements of Trump, to provide a "substantial change" can be described as a forward-looking, subversive, coordinated, flexible "space policy. He described the campaign space view framework, lists the following 9 key contents: (1) "to ensure the leading position in the field of global space," Walker said in twenty-first Century the United States will create the needed technology, security and employment opportunities". (2) the reconstruction of the National Space Committee, led by the vice president, to oversee all government space work, to seek efficiency and eliminate redundancy. The Commission was originally established during the George · Bush. (3) at the end of this century, the goal of human exploration of the solar system, as an extension of the goal, is to promote the development of technology, not just the goal of human exploration. (4) the U.S. Space Agency (NASA) budget is transferred to the "deep space targets", rather than Earth Science and climate research. Not sure those NASA earth science missions will be taken over by NOAA, but "there will be some budgetary adjustments" to move some of NASA’s tasks to NOAA. (5) the development of small satellite technology, in particular, can provide flexibility for the military, while the development of satellite maintenance technology. (6) to seek the global leadership of hypersonic technology, including military applications. (7) transfer and operation of low earth orbit to the commercial sector. (8) to carry out discussions, including the deepening of the "private and public relations" of the operation and funding of the international space station, including the extension of the station’s life. Walker also referred to other international new partnership. (9) all federal agencies are required to develop plans for how they will use space assets and space development to carry out their tasks. Walker did not directly raise funds for NASA the Trump administration space policy of our future will not make too much new space program, even if our budget problem solved "," finishing the entire space community resources "policy, but no details will be how to take measures. In the Trump administration’s NASA space exploration program, the occupancy of the moon is more important than it is today. "I’m sure we do the original" Aldridge committee "when compared to Mars, lunar missions occupy a more important position in our plan," he refers to 2004 for the completion of the "George · Bush’s vision for space exploration" and "I can’t set up the Committee on behalf of the campaign and transition team, but personally for my family相关的主题文章: