The women’s illegal fund-raising nearly billion latent Nanjing after 10 years is found kimi wo omou melodi


The women’s illegal fund-raising nearly billion latent 10 years after Nanjing is found in Guangxi in 2005, her partnership with others, illegal fund-raising nearly billion fled after. Over the past 10 years, has been without hearing a word about. Recently, Nanjing, Jiangning police was informed that her husband, son of long-term living in Nanjing, she will not be here? After 3 days of squatting, the police finally confirmed the suspect, arrested. Modern Express reporter learned that she knew he was wanted by the police, came to Nanjing to work as a housewife, reclusive. At the end of August this year, Nanjing Jiangning Development Zone police station through the work, Guangxi Police Online pursuit of illegal fund-raising suspect Zhang’s husband and son long lived in Nanjing. " at that time, we guess, Zhang will not be in Nanjing? " police investigators told modern express reporter. According to reports, Zhang, 53 years old, Anhui people. In November 2005, together with others, she opened a company in Guangxi, an agent agent mode for product classification, scheduled payments through product sale, a total of 97 million 830 thousand yuan of illegal fund-raising, involving more than 3 thousand people. After the incident, Zhang will be such as evaporation, the Guangxi police general without hearing a word about, listed as fugitives online. In order to confirm the conjecture, the Development Zone police station immediately to the husband lived in the District of a secret visit. " this area has no property management, the staff is very miscellaneous, often between neighbors do not know each other. " police investigators told Modern Express reporter, but when her husband Zhang home visits neighbors said they suspect the home should be a woman, because Zhang husband and son two guys rarely go out to eat, are eating at home. However, we did not notice that his family had female access. So, Zhang is not really hiding here? The police immediately decided to squat in the area. " on the two day, there was no one. " police investigators told Modern Express reporter, until the evening of the third day, the police saw a squat, figure from Zhang husband’s window flashed, according to shape, can be judged is a middle-aged woman. Subsequently, the police broke the district ban gates, while people in a room out of view, on the spot and arrested him. " from the appearance, this person is zhang. " police said. However, in the face of the police, Zhang did not recognize, she said the police have the wrong person. Subsequently, she took out an identity card, asked the police to confirm their identity. The police carefully check the ID card, ID card photos are similar with the person for a few minutes, really wrong? After some questioning, Zhang eventually confessed, this identity card is someone else, and she is the suspect wanted by the Guangxi police. Zhang explained that after engaging in illegal fund-raising, in fact, did not really how much money. Learned that he was wanted by the police, she fled to Nanjing to start a housewife, usually responsible for taking care of her husband and son at home in the daily life, rarely go out. Really want to go out, she will get a relatives of identity, impostor. Currently, Zhang has been handed over to the Jiangning police Guangxi police相关的主题文章: