Thermal power industry is facing the development and Reform Commission called coal, electricity gian

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The NDRC called thermal power industry is facing a loss of coal and electricity giants to discuss a long association signed to ensure the supply of coal, coal prices stable, save face the loss of thermal power industry, the national development and Reform Commission frequently called coal enterprises and other relevant departments. In October 27th, surging news () learned from the industry, the national development and Reform Commission convened the Shenhua four large-scale coal enterprises, Huaneng Power Group and seven coal industry association, the iron and Steel Industry Association and other departments to accelerate research work in coal signed a long-term agreement. It is understood that the conference is only the national development and Reform Commission and the departments together to discuss how to accelerate coal long-term contract work, to ensure the supply of coal and coal prices stable, there is no other new policy introduced. It is worth noting that the meeting notice inscribed in time is October 27th, and the time of the meeting in October 27th 15, the conference held an emergency. Who have participated in such a meeting of the national development and Reform Commission coal industry sources told the surging news (), from the previous situation, the national development and Reform Commission prior to the convening of such meetings is generally two or three days prior to the advance notice is indeed some short time. However, due to the recent concern of the coal industry, frequent meetings, plus the meeting is the follow-up to the October 25th meeting, so some of the time is also normal. In October 25th, the national development and Reform Commission has convened Shenhua coal and other 22 key enterprises in coal and coal industry association meeting. The main content of the meeting for the analysis of the current situation of the coal process, do a good job of coal production capacity, supply protection and other work. At the same time the meeting aimed at the local coal supply situation, advanced production capacity has been approved to release mine production as soon as possible, hoping to stabilize the price of coal enterprises in the appropriate security for the release of production conditions, at the same time requirements of coal enterprises and users have signed next year, the price of long-term contract agreement. National Development and Reform Commission deputy secretary-general Xu Kunlin also said that in 2017 to do the coal transportation convergence work in advance, make full use of the current favorable opportunity to promote and encourage coal supply and demand of the two sides signed a long-term contract, to establish long-term, stable, honest and efficient cooperation, effective protection of the coal supply. Shanxi Fenwei Energy Development Consulting Co. Ltd. price group manager Zeng Hao told the surging news (October 25th) said that the meeting did not plant and other departments to participate in the October 27th meeting, the main is to listen to the voice of these departments. According to the surging news from coal enterprises and power plants to general coal Changxie (i.e. long-term agreement) in December signed earlier this year began this, this year the high price of coal for power plants showed great influence. Issued by the Qinhuangdao seaborne coal market of Bohai thermal coal price index (ring heat in Bohai 5500 kcal average price of thermal coal, English abbreviation: BSPI) will continue to record this year. October 26th, the latest data show that BSPI closed at 593 yuan tons, a record high since the beginning of this year, compared with the beginning of the year rose to 371 yuan per ton of $222, the cumulative increase of up to 59.8%. Up to now, BSPI has risen seventeen consecutive. Coal prices continue to rise.相关的主题文章: