Thieves steal the bag on the car to play the phone I thought it was a friend did not care

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The thief stole the car driver to play mobile phone package: thought did not care about friends – Beijing northeast news network September 20th August 4th, Tiefeng Station Public Security Bureau police station received a public alarm Zhao, the play mobile phone, a restaurant in front of Tiefeng district after parking in the car when he felt someone on the car, he thought is the car with friends, no care. Later, a friend came back, he found the thief up before is put in the car, stole the bag, the bag of cash 1350 yuan, apple mobile phone, as well as bank cards and certificates etc.. After the incident, Tiefeng Public Security Bureau immediately launched the synthesis operational mechanism. In front of the police station, the Criminal Investigation Brigade police through the transfer of live video, found the criminal modus operandi of skilled Road, through the case study carefully combing and analysis, locked the suspect is a 30 year old man. After days of tracing, finally identified the suspect Department of Baicheng. Recently, the police rushed to Baicheng, the suspect pingmou arrested. After the interrogation, the suspect pingmou on August 4th in Qigihar the hotel near the car theft of property crime confessed. Pingmou usually idle, by buying lottery, gambling life. According pingmou account, he was looking for work in Aceh, see parked on the roadside the door is not closed, the driver playing mobile phone, his hands just no money, it can not help but move the evil. (Wang Rui Zhang Xia Wang Jianchun)相关的主题文章: