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This is love is not to look at the black Trump on which games [Sina game original unauthorized reprint] Donald · Trump beat Hilary won the forty-fifth presidential election. However, this process is not peaceful, with the storm. There are many game makers spare no effort to Trump a black in the end. We come together to see what the game was in favor of Pu Chuan. 1, the "Trump into space" to "Trump into space" in the game game player to create a wall to help a similar Trump hero to sky jump, finally entered the field of space. It should also be Trump and the phrase "I want the Milky Way system become great again". Along the way, the hero will be attacked by a wide range of opponents, such as backpack Hilary, Kim Jeong-eun and President Obama, etc.. 2, "Mr. President" "Mr. President" for Trump bullet in "Mr. President", you have to play as a bodyguard Trump Dangxia Assassin’s bullets. The character’s actions are exaggerated and funny, and no one knows where the bullet will come from. The game can be seen everywhere highlight Trump of things, such as Trump gold head, piles of the podium of the bills, even above nude sculpture etc.. Related reading: "Mr. President" recommended daily travel professional bodyguard Trump help stop bullets 3, "" VR "Trump simulation Trump analog VR" VR simple game simulation Trump was elected president after the office of a boring day. Look in the mirror, his face, Doudou pet, people laughing. Related reading: let the black out "Trump simulation VR" steam 4, "landing" simulation "2013 simulated surgical operation in 2013" in this surgical simulation game, Trump became to receive surgery, you can fancy "kill" Trump. The game makers are two heart for Trump, you can choose the gold heart or heart stone, and the stone heart most choose game player. Related reading: Trump lying in the gun game operation spoof US presidential candidate   5, "elf treasure can dream of the sun and the moon" "demon treasure may dream of the sun and the moon" in the upcoming releases of the treasure can dream game, a fairy long like Trump. Is "grumpy and greedy" wizard in the game character, and apparently Trump character agree without prior without previous consultation. Although the official said they did not intentionally just a coincidence, but everyone understands why seriously. Related reading: this demon looks like Trump? Nintendo responded: we are not intentional 6, Republic of the Republic Institute is a Republican primaries in the context of the love simulation game. The 18 year old Trump and other 7 people together after an overseas student from japan. The game has a lot of reference to the stem of the presidential election, Trump rivals who are also Jeb · Bush, mark · Rubio the party. Related reading: 18 year old Trump love big love to develop the Republican Party in the United states.相关的主题文章: