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This word should not appear parents pet phrase TOP1 you still say? How old is your baby? A year and a half? Two years old? Three years old? In this period of time, in addition to the "meal", "sleep", you say to the child the most is a word? I guess that is "not" — "not touch ~" "do not eat" dirty hands. "! Can not pick up "at the beginning, this sentence is also a little use, the child stopped immediately, slightly puzzled or looked at you in horror. But he entered the two, everything is out of control: no more "not" are unable to stop the baby put your home upside down. You can’t take it anymore: "can not run!" "You can’t play paper!" "Can’t jump out of bed!" But then, you cute baby may be using your Chanel lipstick painted face "bump" dancing to you "demonstration"! Your gas is not one to play, he vowed to seize the "one-time finish to beat". But he is both speed and flexibility, than you are a high grade, as well as external protection – grandparents (or grandparents), they will tell you: "naughty child, how big a thing ah? Come, baby, wash your face, Grandpa take you to buy delicious." Heart tired? Feel the body is empty? Please shout with only the power of the pubic region: the heart is so tired, really useful? The human biggest flaw is in adulthood, the childhood feeling forgotten. Have you ever thought about your childhood when you yelled at the little baby with lipstick? When you were just a little older than you are now, it’s not that I was wrong……" But, what can not? If he is afraid of being beaten, I want to do, no one can stop me! Remember? That while parents not at home to steal a watch TV, also with a cold towel to cool the TV feel? The comic in the drawer, while parents do not pay attention to just look at the open feeling? The classmates and dating, chatted life while wary of parents and teachers feel? Parents psychological resistance and a strong desire to mix, gathered a force, enough to destroy all the rules and reason. And this attitude, it is precisely the first time that the parents can not say hard to start. You may be restricted in "disservice" of course, this is not in opposition to parents as early as the rules, after all, we clearly see some children to bear hated by both man and God. Therefore, nature is not a shield. However, all parents really in accordance with the law of children’s development? Really without any selfish ideas and personal considerations are really? Help the child grow?: a case were four years old, her parents found carrying parents began to eat the hand, even the whole finger in his mouth. Parents found that the deformation is fast. Also, were also showed serious "oral phase consolidation" symptoms such as anxiety, aggression, admission was not serious.相关的主题文章: