Three owners butt after injured thrown outside the hospital caused his death

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Three owners butt after injured thrown outside the hospital caused his death the original title: butt after he injured thrown outside the hospital Chinese daily news (reporter Li Xiaobo) the evening to cross the street to buy things, see to the front of the store, only to be knocked down by a tricycle. Perpetrators will be pulled to the front of the hospital, the hospital threw flowers in front of the hospital to leave the flower bed. The injured eventually died, allegedly hit and run the three wheeled motorcycle driver was arrested. Go out to buy things tire shop staff did not return in late September 14th, Xi’an three a hospital beds at the door, the medical staff was found a severe disease, while the patients in the hospital, unable to verify the identity of the hospital alarm. Police investigation learned that the injured man is a truck shop on the roof of a tire shop, 52 years old, at 10:30 in the evening to the store across the street to buy things, and has not returned. The store monitoring showed that 14 evening at 10:30 pm, Xiong immediately across the Tiantai road to walk along the road, a red tricycle with hood rushing, will bear a hit. Xiong is the back of the head fell to the ground, at this time a passer-by stopped to observe. After a while, the man down the tricycle will bear up and put into a tricycle, driving away. 17, severe craniocerebral injury Xiong died. The 19 day, the police will this one because of the traffic accident death case over Weiyang police department. Yesterday, the traffic police brigade accident Weiyang squadron of police Cao Kun, retrieved the surveillance video of the scene, the preliminary judgment is the illegal operation of passenger vehicles tricycle. From the hospital near the gate of the monitor, found on the evening of 14 11 04 PM, a man holding a bear to the hospital door to go to bed at the gate, the man will bear a help sitting on the bed next to the stairs, turned away, Xiong has been lying on the stairs. 21 evening, about 11 o’clock, the police will be caught in the driver’s seat of the three wheeled Lee arrested. Upon inquiry, the 49 year old Lee is a fish shop near a repair shop chef, engaged in illegal operation of the passenger after work every day. 14, after the bear knocked down, Lee know Xiong was not hurt, with a tricycle to the hospital door, claiming to have no money to turn away. Lee explained that after the incident he did not alarm, do not know Xiong has died. Two cars two GB electric cars collided impact is falling from the 5 floor yesterday, on suspicion of traffic accident escape, Lee was the police administrative detention weiyang. Cao Kun introduced, in order to strengthen the illegal operation of passenger tricycle two, 50 rounds of renovation, Xi’an traffic police department, told the Xi’an common electric tricycle third parties to carry out unified identification, to determine which of the 50 class two, exceed the standard tricycle belonging to the vehicle, belonging to a motor vehicle while driving, Lee the tricycle is motor vehicle. It is reported that two vehicles to meet the national standards in the limit state theory of two wheeled electric vehicle (weight 40kg, maximum speed of 20km h, the rider weight 70kg), crashed into 2444.4N together (mechanical unit, Newton) the impact force, the equivalent of people from a height of 15.6 meters to the ground on the surface of the body under 8相关的主题文章: