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Turpan grapes will sing, "gold noodles King make note – Sohu tourism Tianshan (reporter Meng root Aode report)" welcome to supersize noodles taste Mu sand Muslim canteen!" In the fourth session of Xinjiang (Tuokexun) noodles Cultural Tourism Festival, 50 kilograms of noodles one meter diameter big plate is the Canteen Manager Zhou Junduan up. "You don’t mention it!" Zhou Jun hard sell large portions of their noodles. "This super noodles for 18 kilograms of flour, 6 kg of black lamb, more than and 20 egg, can eat for 50 people!" Zhou Jun said. Recently, guided by the national Internet Information Office, CO sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Party committee of the Xinjiang Internet information office and the city of Turpan "Turpan grapes singing" large network cultural activities came to the city of Turpan Toksun county. Toksun county is a famous Inn on the ancient Silk Road, always on the move of traffic flow, passing through here to rest, meals, and diners to eat local delicacy noodles mainly toksun. "Noodles Toksun" with its pliability, smooth and soft, delicious and popular, those who ate "noodles Toksun" people all praise, has become a beautiful name card of Xinjiang characteristic delicacy, enjoy the world’s best noodles in China, Chinese best noodles in Xinjiang, Xinjiang the best noodles in toksum "reputation. Good, soft, delicious, affordable has been featured in Toksun noodles, noodles is one of the representatives of the Xinjiang Toksun delicacy, and Zhou Jun noodles, is a leader in Tuokexun noodles! "This year we mu sand and Halal canteen won first prize, which is recognized for our Mu sand canteen noodles, the noodles we will do better, so that guests can eat the most authentic in toksum best eating noodles." Zhou Jun said. As a genuine person who master Tuokexun noodles, Zhou Jun have great affection for noodles. "You have to do, it is necessary to do delicious, do the benefits, people eat delicious! Satisfied! Or just don’t do it." Zhou Jun always asked myself, making the noodles also have a set of "Kung fu". To use the sugar rich local flour, selection of meat ingredients to Toksun black goat, more fresh and healthy, and even the water is the only local, with the best edible oil, then add skilled craft and surface, Hand-Pulled Noodle, cooking master more is experienced, the details of the checks, let Mu sand halal canteen noodles for 4 consecutive years won the talent shows itself, "Xinjiang gold noodles king" title. In Toksun County Mu sand halal canteen, with tourists, passing drivers specifically found here to eat noodles, Wang Ming of Urumqi city is one of them. Wang Ming is a truck driver, often running around to the north and south of the Tianshan Mountains, He Zhou Jun noodles have a special liking, "their home affordable delicious noodles, each passing near here, I will be dedicated to this to eat!" Wang Ming said. The spirit of lean and spirit, Zhou Jun noodles delicious, affordable to attract people. Zhou Jun has its own registered trademark, at present, he has 3 stores, 2 in Tuokexun, 1 in Turpan city. Zhou Jun noodles shop fame is more and more big, and how to.相关的主题文章: