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Victory in 2016133 recommendation: Bayern sea Amoy sand – Sohu 1.  04  vs  Bayern Munich Shaerke;   recommended: 0 Bayern strong start, the race is already three wins, in the face of the miners record is one-sided, the Bayern guest Let tray 1.5, estimate the guest is not a big problem, singled out 0 lottery. 2 AOE VS Brunswick recommended: 03 AOE in the German Cup kick out, the League also suffered ambush, the team start to tumble, the deuce disk by note, their data is still bearish. Brunswick three straight league start, performance is very strong, but the disc is the temptation to become wary of his blind spots, lottery 03. 3 Wirtz VS Bochum recommended: 3 Welch is promoted, their goal is to avoid relegation, with the League of team performance is getting better and better, the war veteran team Bochum in the face of a tie plate, a hint of his data, the Bochum games unbeaten but draw too much, the Ning Bo found. 4.  Stuttgart   VS Hayden’s recommendation: 3 Stuttgart League beat Sander Hallson in the league, rapid rebound. The war at home court let disk 0.75, the data continue to favor the home team, the overall strength of Stuttgart in the second division is second to none, the lottery can bo 3. 5 Spanish Royal Society VS    recommended: 30 Royal Society – round Osasuna, finally open victory gate, the battle for the home court 0.5 data points, a recent high-profile Spanish guest had defeated the Royal Society, the guest have to mention, suggest taking the 30 lottery. Ajaccio Red Star Saint VS 6 recommended: 3 Ajaccio this season features the main strong – weak, swept away the haze to the home court hope. The red star on the season without the spirit, the league has a very low, they are hard to start, the good Lord – hit. 7 Auxerre VS Sochaux recommended: 0 Auxerre recently record a little fluctuation, perhaps related to their double battle, in the face of Sochaux, Auxerre comprehensive disadvantage, the current draw data, Auxerre lottery wins blog home court fraught with grim possibilities, bold. 8 VS Nimes Niort recommended: 1 both League start performance downturn, after 5 League still win, now the home team let Niort disc 0.25, win confidence is not strong, Nimes wins is also more difficult, the two sides have 1 points seem to be more reasonable. 9 lens VS boolean lattice recommended: 31 lens League draw screening more drag on their future pace, the disc at the beginning of 0.5 parameters in the face of the vice monitor data of boolean lattice, a little hot, beware of the draw again, check the 31 lottery proposal. 10 Amiens VS tours recommended: 0 on Amiens a round away Nimes, write down the League three game winning streak, but now only 0.25 home court let disc, data and the current situation does not match, Amiens.相关的主题文章: