Walk the Yunnan Tibet line seven test SUV Beiqi magic speed S3L 3u8895

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Walk the Yunnan Tibet line seven test SUV Beiqi magic speed S3L a man in Lijiang, Dali for two people, three people in Xishuangbanna, and life will go to a Lhasa. Although some exaggeration, but I believe a lot of people and I have long been yearning for Lhasa. Have the honor to participate in Beiqi magic speed Tibet fam tour recently, before starting on the magic speed S3 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) L was a little worried, after all those mountains in the distance, the thin oxygen, face a 70 thousand yuan of domestic SUV inevitably some lack of confidence. However, after ten days of nearly 2500 km away from Kunming, we successfully arrived in Lhasa. On the way to enjoy the magnificent scenery (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), met a lovely buddy, also on the trip hero magic speed S3L has a more comprehensive understanding. Test drive information drive time: October 2016 drive location: Yunnan, Tibet drive, hot weather: Sunny rainy drive mileage (ginseng, pictures, inquiry): 2500 km by Zhu Jianyu photo: Zhu Jianyu vehicle price: 6.68-6.98 million vehicles: Beiqi magic speed vehicle information: 2016 1.5L manual distinguished type: naturally aspirated engine form engine displacement (CC): 1500 maximum power (kW RPM): 836000 maximum torque (Nm RPM): 150 3000-5000 long high width (mm): 4520*1790*1770 (mm) wheelbase: 2700 speed manual transmission form: 5 hanging form: before Mcpherson independent suspension after five link independent suspension like: handsome appearance, flexible space, plenty of power, high configuration Daquan, reduce the price close to the people: transmission of single form, the appearance of color is not rich enough, air conditioning knob handle students hard相关的主题文章: