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Wang Naigui: a new round of gold and silver bull or pull high shipments? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Market review overnight dollar plunge unexpectedly fell below the 95 mark, refers to a minimum of 94.7 line, directly led to the gold and silver non beauty and gold and silver prices rose across the board, the price of gold hit $1352 an ounce, days running on 1324—-1352, the daily closing price of silver a saturated grand line; synchronous trading at 19.4—-20.1, the daily Zhongyang crude oil price shock interval, ending; trading at 43.8—-45.6, the daily Doji close. In this month’s non farm before many Fed officials had a joint statement for dollars, but the non farm payrolls weak dollar return fell, a week, can be said to be suspended this weakness, but in yesterday completed Budie, is a kind of inertia down. Of course, this fell yesterday still beyond the market including the author because, contrary to expectation, according to yesterday’s data of influence, in the past the trend of most of the impact is limited, this is the market behavior, not to transfer to a few of the will of the people, this is also a true portrayal of the dollar, a better interpretation the Americans play the expected rate hike means is made out. Today of a large candle yesterday pulled up, the price of gold has broke through the 1350 mark to $1352 a month, from the line at the beginning of the month, author Ceng Fawen that in September the price of gold may will present a wave of middle adjustment, because the K form to adjust demand, in addition, 5 months after the June trend and Yin Dayang formation of Yin Yang package is almost exactly the same, but this is almost as like as two peas the trend may not be so soon, and in week line high sideways two months, basically every bull force will encounter short merciless counterattack, so I tend to see overall adjustment, yesterday also layout in 1335 above the empty single stop encounter, but this is the market behavior, we must follow, wrong does not matter, the effective risk management, reduce the loss as much as possible to ensure account security, will have the opportunity every day. Such a move yesterday, prices approaching last month highs, have re formed Yin Yang package trend. Based on the above analysis, the current trend of the existence of two kinds of understanding, a new bull market OR pull high shipments? In fact, the former is no doubt, since the beginning of February month to have been in the bottom line of a new round of the bull market, run to $1375 after two months of high shock, the key problem is directly continue to rise still need one round of adjustment following up, this is the latter —- whether the ship pulled down, man to say that high possibility of shipment cannot be ruled out, with high probability, not necessarily as the trend in September June, as at the end of the month, then the current shape can be determined directly rally continues, but now it’s time to stay in the window at the beginning of the month, following a series of unknown variables, the actual line will take on the possibility of last month long lead Zhongyang even negative still exists, in this paper we follow-up on this timely follow-up analysis. Back to the short-term operation, in view of the theory相关的主题文章: