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Weak market fund set by rob into a buy buy buy – fund channel will increase, in the weak market has always been regarded as one of the artifact. Before the public offering will increase the product has not been born, many ordinary investors at 30 percent off, or even 40 percent off of the price set by envy, but suffer from financial constraints can not participate in. Today, when the public offering to increase the product is springing up, the market has increased by adding a different picture, not only reduced the discount, and even have to issue a parity or premium. It is understood that the volcano wealth, private placement has increased due to the project price is too high to choose to give up. On the contrary, the fund manager for the current increase in the market by the fiery, but it seems more calm, and not because the price is too high and choose to avoid. So, what are they thinking about? Do not discount to buy buy buy in September 19th, Lizhu group disclosure of non-public offering of stock issuance report and listing announcement, the concern is that the final issue price of 50.10 yuan shares, the issue price is equivalent to 37.86 yuan issue price of the shares is equivalent to 132.33%; for the purchase date (August 29, 2016) 20 a trading day average trading price of 49.12 yuan shares 102% shares; also in August 29th last trading day the stock closing price of 50.23 yuan shares of 99.74%. It can be seen that this past hundreds of 30 percent off or even 40 percent off of the discount rate, already cannot be mention in the same breath. The price set by the franc group is basically flat and two level market, discount less and negligible. From the object given the increasing participation, including Penghua asset management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., CAITONG fund, Dacheng Fund, Chinese Huarong Asset Management Limited by Share Ltd and China Merchants wealth asset management limited. Public fund and its information management institutions apparently played an important role. In this regard, a person involved in the above set of fund companies said they are very optimistic about the growth of listed companies. Volcano wealth noted that in fact the franc group is not the case, people also disclosed in the September 19th industry, the actual issue price of 13 yuan shares, issue price of 11.23 yuan shares of 115.76%, for the purchase offer day (August 25, 2016) 20 trading days before the stock trading price of 12.86 yuan shares of 101.09%. From the issue of the object, including the shenwanling letter (Shanghai) Asset Management Co., Ltd., North Ruifeng letter fund management Co. Ltd. and Golden Eagle Fund Management Co. Ltd. and other institutions. On the same day the disclosure and Hisoar medicine, the non-public offering on the first 20 trading days, the company’s stock trading price of 10.53 yuan shares, the ratio of non-public offering price and issue date of the 20 trading days before the stock price is 97.63%. Investors allocated, including clay Innovation Fund Management Co., Anxin fund management limited liability company, Fullgoal Fund Management Company Ltd, CITIC Prudential Fund Management Co. Ltd. and CAITONG Fund Management Co. Ltd. and other institutions. In addition, the discovery of volcanic wealth, more recently相关的主题文章: