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When it comes to the taste of the large intestine in Shanghai I only take these 16! The people of Shanghai opposite always fond of, scallion noodles, spicy meat, shredded meat noodle…… But hardcore such as exploring Jun, alone on the surface of e. a soft spot, and found that the girls do not like chowhound, clean the large intestine, hit a good cook cook, can become waxy and fragrant and chewy, thick red oil sauce topped, cutting to be too clever the amount of GIF 651K Shanghai ~ click to play the best food I just take this plane E. 16! Old noodle shop address: Xietu Road No. 1448: 29 yuan per person to see the name when he could not help but think of the phrase "I go the farthest way, is your routine, but in front of the board or calligraphy written well, the decoration is very clean and comfortable, a door on the good points. E. face their house is red soup of fine flour, noodles and toppings open, green garlic fried E. very soft waxy, contrasting thick red oil sauce and soup noodles, explore Jun are generally the first to eat a few clear soup, again put the fried pig’s large intestines toppings all over it, suddenly appetite open, is worth more to several of the old Shanghai flavor restaurant. E. surface address: Fuxing Road (Ji’an Road No. 59 Dongtai Road): 27 yuan per person to know their family name is more authentic e., dare to "e." such "under the name of Shanghai smuggled goods" when only the family environment in general, but popularity is particularly busy, small the store was crowded with people, aunts memory at a single point single particularly good, everyone remember what to eat. Add some toppings every time to be greedy, spicy meat + E. noodles, or spicy meat baked cake + + e., e. is the help, sweet, handling is very wonderful, not a bit fishy and very tender and delicious, the bite of a very satisfied, if at the end before the completion of energy take a juice will be better to eat yo ~ Ding ban yellow croaker noodle shop address: No. 215 even road (Fangcao Road): next to 27 yuan per capita hospital rare fresh noodle shop, the sign is very obvious, looking up or to find, although the flagship of the croaker noodle, but it’s also very good e. you can choose noodles, noodles or even supporting, onions and green peppers are delicious, clean E. there is no doubt that Shanghai people love to eat the sweet, if excellent appetite, another piece of Deep-Fried Spare Ribs with hot sauce is perfect. Guanlan noodle address: No. 74 Chuansha City Town Street: 23 yuan per capita is far from the point, Chuansha in the greater Pudong area, antique shop decoration, the toppings are individually in a small bowl full bloom, guest himself on the surface of the foot, but one look very clean, onions and pepper are burning tasty, and free surface oh. Long rough Museum Address: Yin high road No. 628 Room 102 per person: two E. surface and circle of 30 yuan on the menu, the latter is more hypertrophic signs, tasty, thick red oil sauce with thick black pepper, the circle is very clean, and chewy, can also choose fine and rough surface, a bowl on the table, after every super meet! Zhuo noodle address: No. 4 Lane 680 West fisheries room 110: 28 yuan per capita decoration in a noodle shop is art, every time I go to a lot of people, the summer at their home lobster)相关的主题文章: