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With this ability, the child is not afraid of failure – Sohu life adversity of the immune system is what? As parents, always hope that the child’s life. But when the children grow up, parents will find that the child’s world is more and more complex, will encounter a variety of adverse circumstances, parents can not afford to protect them anytime, anywhere. In the face of adversity of life, such as the cause of the failure, divorce, illness, people are unable to get up after a fall, rally, what makes people face a similar dilemma, but out of a different life? Psychologists have found that the face of adversity, those who can quickly restore the ability of resilience. When a person is suffering from the disease, the immune system is strong, the probability of getting sick, even if the disease can quickly restore health. Resilience is a psychological immune system. This ability allows one to quickly accept the facts, adapt to the environment, the use of existing resources to defuse the crisis. Do you want your child to have this ability? When you can no longer protect them, this ability may be an important ability to overcome the difficulties. Since we are not likely to ensure that the child does not encounter adversity in life, the child can be small, they develop a good resilience? Traumatic experiences in childhood have adverse effects on some people, but they have little effect on others. Why this difference? And the child’s innate personality traits? What is the key to developing resilience? A National Scientific Committee on child development report shows that if a child as soon as possible to recover from injuries, his resilience, is not the key factor of some innate qualities, such as willpower, but whether he and his hometown adults have a solid relationship. Professor Shonkoff, director of the center for child development research at the Harvard University, said: "a person’s resilience to adversity and adversity is determined by the person’s social support system. When a person has one or several of the support, the response of the social relations, and with the ability to cope with certain difficulties, he can quickly come out of adversity, quickly adapt to the environment." Many people may have had this experience, if a loved one’s death, is there someone else to comfort and care, this person can quickly come out from the pain; the face of emotional difficulties, such as divorce, if there are friends care and encouragement, sad may not be so sharp, and can quickly move toward a new life. One or more of the steady and supportive relationships in life can help a person overcome the difficulties of a person’s strong will power. These relationships are able to convert harmful stress into tolerable stress. However, you will also find support for some people seem to be invalid — even if it is made clear to the plight of people willing to give support, is willing to unconditionally accept him, this person may still decline to unable to get up after a fall. Why is this so? Perhaps a study of the brain may provide some clues. The study found that one.相关的主题文章: