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Without language! HTC’s new flagship exposure: October 14 follow kill headset hole release technology of Sohu in April this year, HTC released its annual flagship HTC 10, while the national bank is the simultaneous launch of the snapdragon 652 version of the HTC 10 Lifestyle, and after a period of time in the country’s official website quietly on the line 820 Xiaolong version of HTC 10, this it has become one of the most controversial topics in the first half of mobile phone ring. With the coming of October, HTC seems to have a new action, and may launch the second half of the company’s flagship new machine in October 14th. The day before, broke the great God evleaks released a new flagship HTC Bolt renderings. From the picture, the overall appearance of the machine and HTC 10 in the gap is not large, the back is still using a super wide diamond edge. The difference is that the machine’s flash is transferred to the top of the camera, the laser focus module is canceled, while the slot position also has a mobile, perhaps the machine will be used in the dual card version of three card slot design. But the biggest change is that the machine seems to be off the top of the 3.5mm headphone interface. Interestingly, the current Android camp only music and Moto cancel the 3.5mm headset interface, instead of using the USB Type-C interface for listening. HTC itself is currently the market performance worrying, if the introduction of direct 3.5mm headset interface without the flagship machine, always make people feel a little too radical. The current configuration of the new machine is still unknown. But it is worth mentioning that, recently on the HTC foundry two Google Pixel new machine is frequent exposure. Taking into account the previous series of mobile phones Nexus OEM flagship configuration for the appearance of the revision, so interested students can also refer to the configuration of the new Pixel machine. The two new machine is expected to be released in October 4th. The highlight is Xiaolong 821 and the world’s first Android 7.1 system. In addition, another code named HTC Ocean rendering of the new machine is also exposed today, there are media speculation that the aircraft is released in the first half of next year’s new flagship HTC 11. From this rendering can be seen in the picture, the machine is equipped with a dual camera, it seems that after iPhone 7 Plus, more and more manufacturers will consider the dual camera and cancel the 3.5mm headphone hole these two designs. Prior to this, we may wish to look forward to the next few months HTC new machine. (photo: 9to5google)相关的主题文章: