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Zhang Yishan Yang Zi is 24 years old birthday: can you betray the world – Entertainment Sohu Zhang Yishan recorded a video for Yang Ziqingsheng     Sohu entertainment news yesterday (November 6th) evening, Zhang Yishan uploaded a video for Yang Ziqing’s 24 birthday. In the video, Zhang Yishan first sang a birthday song for Yang Zi, after he expressed regret because of their own in the movie, so there is no way to the scene for Yang Ziqingsheng. Zhang Yishan also wrote: "Yang Zi, even if the world betrayed you, I will stand behind you betray the world. Also, twenty-four, find a good man to marry… Or they always think we have something. Happy birthday." After the video release, users have a message saying "it is not, you do get well," "I hope you can have what thing. [related] reading > > > Yang Zi Zhang Yishan praised the perfect quick understanding of 100% Yang Zi praised Zhang Yishan   on the evening of 4, a group of Yang Zi, Zhang Yishan quick video exposure, two people tacit understanding degree 100%, two person of remarkable revolutionary friendship. Q: how often do you get together? Zhang Yishan: if you are in the same city, you may get together. Yang Zi: we just have to meet in a city. Q: who usually pay for dinner? Zhang Yishan: that must be my pay. Yang Zi: he’s paying for it. Zhang Yishan: we’re together. After all, I’m a boy. Yang Zi: he’s a girl. Q: what is the biggest change in TA from small to large? Zhang Yishan, Yang Zi: a tall. Yang Zi: the block gets bigger. Q: what do you want Tucao TA? Yang Zi: Tucao too much afraid of him to hit me, in fact, I am with the revolutionary friendship is the big brother. Zhang Yishan: Eleven years. Yang Zi: he is fresh in the old artist, the old artist in the little meat. Zhang Yishan: I think it’s pretty good… Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with her. Yang Zi: he’s perfect in my heart. Q: do you have her phone number in your cell phone? Zhang Yishan: I just saw the phone number and I knew who it was. Yang Zi: Oh, my god. Q: what do you think TA is suitable for men and women friends? Zhang Yishan: you have to be a handsome guy, not necessarily an actor, a boy who is almost as successful as her. Yang Zi: you must be very sensible, if every day, then I think it would be more tired for him, to find a sensible is also very important. Q: if there is a play, if you two are in it, what kind of role do you want to play in her one and the other side? Zhang Yishan: play her brother, call her sister for so many years……相关的主题文章: