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Zhengzhou police accused of female nurse syncope said the Police Department Auxiliary Police – Sohu news Beijing Zhengzhou in November 5,   (Liu Peng) 5, Zhengzhou police incident female nurse net exposure of a local police violence against children’s Hospital said the public response, the batterer is still in a trial period of community police that has been controlled by the police, and dealt with according to law. Recently, some netizens posting news, November 3, 2016 at 8 pm, Zhengzhou city children’s Hospital, a 47 bed infusion after removal of indwelling needle after the nurse told the parents press the cotton swab to stop bleeding, because the children crying to the puncture site bleeding a little twist. The nurse rushed with children go to the puncture room pressing hemostasis, but the parents are more than the needle abuse, female nurses were beaten. Broke the news that the nurses in the therapeutic room to escape but then, but the father rushed to the therapeutic room with violence stamp door, attack again to the nurse, the nurse kicked waist and abdomen caused by its immediately syncope. The article also said that the child’s father (batterer) is a police station in Zhengzhou Road, Nanyang police station. In view of these revelations, Zhengzhou Nanyang Road police station for 5 days through the official micro-blog responded publicly said that after verification, November 3, 2016 23 am, the branch of community auxiliary Moumou (still in probation) with children during the hospital doctor, for treatment, a dispute with the nurse and beat each other. At present, the parties Moumou has been territorial police control, the event will be handled according to discipline.相关的主题文章: